23 July 2015

New patches are now available on Emetic Records (USA). here

新パッチがアメリカのEmetic Recordsで販売開始されました。日本での販売予定はありません。 here
27 June 2015

New shirts are now available on Emetic Records (USA). here

新シャツがアメリカのEmetic Recordsで販売開始されました。日本での販売予定はありません。 here

21 May 2015
Church of Misery in Rehearsals for New Album Recording; And Then There Were None Due Later this Year
The Obelisk
28 Apr 2015
The time has come. I will stay in Maryland for 2 weeks in May to record the new album. US DOOM legends, Dave from BLOOD FARMERS and Eric from EARTHRIDE are going to join this recording. We will record 7 new materials at "Polar Bear Lair Studio" with Chris Kozlowski as an engineer - He has been working for tons of great US DOOM albums, like IRON MAN, INTERNAL VOID, EARTHRIDE, SPIRIT CARAVAN, PENANCE, PENTAGRAM and WRETCHED etc. Also, I will announce about a singer for this album soon. Let there be DOOM!


5月にアメリカ、メリーランドのPolar Bear Lair Studioにて、Chris Kozlowskiをエンジニアに迎えて、Blood FarmersのDave, EarthrideのEricと共に新作のレコーディングを行います。ボーカリストについては近日発表予定になります。

11 Feb 2015
Eric Little from Earthride / ex-Internal Void is going to join our next recording.

新作のレコーディングに Eric Little (Earthride / ex-Internal Void) が参加することになりました。

17 Jan 2015

We have reopened our mail order. here

1 Jan 2015
Happy New Year! 2015 is 20th anniversary year for Church of Misery. I will make new album with Dave Depraved from US DOOM LEGEND "BLOOD FARMERS" and other support musicians in the U.S. I'm gonna go to the U.S. in this Spring for this recording and the 5th album titled "And Then There Were None..." will put out on RISE ABOVE RECORDS in 2015.

明けましておめでとうございます。今春、アメリカにてUSドゥーム・レジェンド"BLOOD FARMERS"のギタリスト"Dave Depraved"、他某USドゥームバンドのミュージシャンのサポートで5thニューアルバム「And Then There Were None...」のレコーディングを行います。リリースは年内、RISE ABOVE RECORDSより。



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